What is the Red Motorcade?


Published: 2023-06-01 12:36

Last Updated: 2023-09-27 15:24

What is the Red Motorcade?
What is the Red Motorcade?

The origins of the Red Motorcade can be traced back to the time of His Majesty King Abdullah I, the esteemed founder of the country. During significant national events, King Abdullah I would make his entrance atop one of several white horses, accompanied by riders donning dark blue trousers and red blazers.

Presently, the Red Motorcade is employed on occasions of great national importance, such as the opening of Parliament, Army Day, Independence Day, and official visits by heads of state. On these notable occasions, both the motorcade members and riders wear complete Jordanian military attire, including the distinctive red and white checkered headdress known as the Shemagh.

The Motorcade is comprised of eight vibrant red-armed Land Rover vehicles and 11 motorcycles. However, during special events, horse and camel riders are added to the procession, and the Jordan Armed Forces Musical Band fills the air with stirring military tunes played on bagpipes.

The Land Rovers and motorcycles create a protective perimeter around the main motorcade vehicle.