Miss Rajwa's Henna dress 'embodies love, cultural fusion'


Published: 2023-05-23 15:11

Last Updated: 2024-06-13 01:27

Miss Rajwa's Henna dress 'embodies love, cultural fusion'
Miss Rajwa's Henna dress 'embodies love, cultural fusion'

In an awe-inspiring display of elegance and tradition, Queen Rania Al Abdullah hosted a magnificent Henna party for Miss Rajwa Alseif. The mesmerizing Henna dress that adorned Miss Rajwa, left everyone captivated and curious about its significance.

Arab designer, Hunaida Al-Serafi, expressed her deep honor in being part of this extraordinary royal event, emphasizing that the dress embodied the profound love story shared by Prince Hussein and Miss Rajwa. It masterfully blended the fashion and cultural essence of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, radiating the vibrant, vivacious spirit of the beautiful bride-to-be, as reported by Al-Arabiya.

The designer indicated that the design of the dress was inspired by the Najdi thoub or the Sahabi thoub, which is one of the Saudi traditional costumes known for its long sleeves that turn into the bride's veil.

She added that Miss Rajwa wanted the dress to contain the star in the Jordanian flag, which symbolizes Surah Al-Fatihah, and the shape of the Saudi palm tree, which symbolizes goodness and giving and is part of Miss Rajwa's personality.

The designer used golden and silk threads in making the dress, in addition to reed and cantel threads known in traditional Najdi fashion. Drawings, plant and geometric shapes, and motifs inspired by Jordanian and Saudi culture have been printed on the dress, to express the meaning of this blessed marriage. The dress has been developed from a traditional dress to a garment that matches the personality of Miss Rajwa and also reflects the taste of the modern generation.