What will weather be like this weekend?


Published: 2023-05-11 22:07

Last Updated: 2023-06-03 11:45

What will weather be like this weekend?
What will weather be like this weekend?

Temperatures increased across all regions of Jordan on Thursday, with the highest readings recorded in the capital, reaching a range of 30-32 °C, according to ArabiaWeather website.

However, the website predicts a gradual and noticeable decline in temperatures on Friday and Saturday.

Friday will see a significant drop in temperatures compared to Thursday, returning to more typical levels for this time of year.

Most areas will experience warm weather, while the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba regions will be relatively hot. Throughout the day, there will be active southwestern winds, occasionally accompanied by strong gusts in desert areas, resulting in dusty conditions.

Nighttime temperatures will decrease significantly, and various regions can expect relatively cold weather with the possibility of some low-lying clouds.

Saturday will bring another noteworthy decrease in temperatures. In parts of the capital, Amman, and other Jordanian cities, temperatures may drop into the early twenties Celsius, several degrees below the usual rates.

Most regions will experience mild spring-like weather with clouds appearing at different altitudes. There is a chance of scattered rain showers in parts of the northern areas. The winds will be moderate, blowing from the west to northwest and occasionally picking up speed.

It is advised to be prepared for relatively cold conditions in most areas, especially for those living in higher mountainous regions who may need to wear coats or warmer clothing.