Ecuador president to face impeachment trial


Published: 2023-05-10 09:32

Last Updated: 2023-09-27 15:24

Ecuador president to face impeachment trial
Ecuador president to face impeachment trial

Ecuador's opposition-controlled parliament Tuesday voted to hold an impeachment trial for President Guillermo Lasso on embezzlement charges, in its second attempt to oust him in a year.

The move comes after online newspaper La Posta published allegations in January of widespread graft in public companies involving Lasso's brother-in-law Danilo Carrera.

Opposition MPs have accused the conservative president of being aware of the alleged corruption, in which a drug trafficking-accused businessman close to Carrera has also been implicated.

Lasso has argued that the allegations date to before he became president in May 2021.

In March, the Constitutional Court authorized the unicameral National Assembly to hold impeachment proceedings against Lasso for alleged embezzlement.

With 116 of the 137-member assembly present, 88 voted Tuesday in favor of an impeachment hearing.

The chamber would need a two-thirds majority, or 92 members, to successfully impeach the president.

Another impeachment attempt in June last year failed to garner enough votes.