Israeli Occupation threatens to assassinate Hamas leader in Gaza


Published: 2023-05-09 21:02

Last Updated: 2024-02-21 01:21

Yahya Sinwar
Yahya Sinwar

The Minister of Energy in the Israeli Occupation government, Israel Katz, threatened to assassinate the head of the Islamic Resistance Movement 'Hamas' in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, in the event that Hamas takes part in the ongoing confrontations.

According to Hebrew media, Katz stressed that if Hamas intervened in the ongoing confrontations, Tel Aviv would assassinate Sinwar along with other Hamas leaders.

Hebrew media reported that these remarks came before the Israeli Occupation cabinet session, during which it was indicated that "the military operation in the Gaza Strip was successful, accurate and exceptional."

Earlier, the Israeli Occupation's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that his government is responsible for the assassination of three Palestinian leaders in Gaza as part of the aggression launched by the Israeli Occupation aircraft Tuesday morning.

Netanyahu said: "These arch-terrorists were responsible for firing rockets from Gaza at our territory and instigating terror from Judea and Samaria [the West Bank, ed] against our citizens," as reported by the AFP.

He referred to what happened last week saying: "On the day the rockets were fired last week I ordered, along with the defense minister, to prepare an operation to take out the terrorist heads, and to effectively cut off the organization's leadership in Gaza."

He also said: "Our principle is clear and concise -- whoever harms us, will be harmed by us, forcefully. Our long arm reaches every terrorist at the time and place we choose."

He also threatened Palestinians saying: "We are in the midst of a battle and prepared for any scenario. My suggestion to our enemies is -- don't mess with us."