Actor Charlie Sheen wants blue tick back


Published: 2023-04-22 12:50

Last Updated: 2023-09-29 10:59

Actor Charlie Sheen wants blue tick back
Actor Charlie Sheen wants blue tick back

American actor, Charlie Sheen, took to Twitter to complain about having lost his blue tick after the platform began the mass removal of its verification symbol on Thursday.

Celebrities and public figures, who previously were the only ones to have the symbol, lost them in a way for Elon Musk to get rid of what he described as a “lords & peasants system.”

Sheen wrote to Musk asking to “please have [his] blue check back?” adding that it would mean a lot to him after commenting on Musk’s “fancy rocket” which “exploded in spectacular fashion” in reference to an earlier post by Musk of SpaceX’s starship liftoff in slow motion.

Musk replied to Sheen sarcastically by saying: “I feel your pain.”

Many users poked fun at the fact that Sheen and other celebrities can afford to pay the fee, sarcastically writing, “That eight bucks is hard to come by for some folks.”

One user wrote, “You're a millionaire. It's 8 bucks a month. Come on, guy.”

Another user said, “I’ll chip in a couple bucks. What’s your Venmo?”

Some celebrities still had the blue tick, despite not signing up for it.

Musk said in response to a news article about those check marks that he was "paying for a few personally."

In response to another tweet, he said it was only for Star Trek's William Shatner, basketball superstar LeBron James and author Stephen King.