Jordan to witness heavier rainfall


Published: 2023-04-10 20:49

Last Updated: 2024-06-21 21:12

Jordan to witness heavier rainfall
Jordan to witness heavier rainfall

Osama Al-Tarifi, Chief Operating Officer at ArabiaWeather, said that Jordan witnessed heavy rain during the past few hours due to a state of atmospheric instability.

Tarifi told Roya Monday that rainfall is expected to be heavier in southern Jordan, especially in Wadi Araba, Wadi Rum, and parts of Aqaba, warning of the possibility of torrential rains forming in the mentioned areas.

Ma'an and Tafilah, are still under the influence of thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy rains at times, according to ArabiaWeather.

Tarifi added that unstable weather conditions are expected to reach the northern and central regions of Jordan with more rain falling in several parts of the country.

Temperatures are expected to witness a significant drop on Tuesday night, with weather becoming cold in most areas along with chances of rainfall.

Rainfall is expected to become heavier, especially in the southern and eastern regions of the Kingdom, according to Tarifi.

He pointed out that temperatures on Tuesday will be over 10°C less than that on Monday.