Israeli Occupation parties open talks on justice reforms


Published: 2023-03-29 10:17

Last Updated: 2023-09-27 21:29

Israeli Occupation parties open talks on justice reforms
Israeli Occupation parties open talks on justice reforms

Tuesday, the Israeli Occupation's far-right government and opposition parties began talks on controversial judiciary reforms that sparked a general strike and mass protests, in the country's most severe domestic crisis in years.

Scepticism remained high over the negotiations on the judicial overhaul that would curtail authority of the Supreme Court and give politicians greater powers over the selection of judges.

Tuesday evening, the Israeli Occupation's President Isaac Herzog's office said that he was "currently meeting with the working teams representing the ruling coalition, Yesh Atid and the National Unity Party" -- two centrist parties -- for "a first dialogue meeting".

After three months of increasing tensions, the Israeli Occupation's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bowed to pressure in the face of a nationwide walkout Monday which hit airports, hospitals and more, while tens of thousands of reform opponents rallied outside parliament in Jerusalem.

"Out of a will to prevent a rupture among our people, I have decided to pause the second and third readings of the bill" to allow time for dialogue, Netanyahu said in a broadcast.

The decision to halt the legislative process marked a dramatic U-turn for Netanyahu, who just a day earlier announced he was sacking his defence minister who had called for the very same step.

Notably, around a hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the Israeli Occupation's Presidency in Jerusalem to protest the talks.