Why are many Israeli Occupation citizens choosing to move abroad?


Published: 2023-03-24 14:42

Last Updated: 2024-05-15 23:47

Editor: Ro'a Hanini

Why are many Israeli Occupation citizens choosing to move abroad?
Why are many Israeli Occupation citizens choosing to move abroad?

Many Jewish citizens in the Israeli Occupation are currently moving abroad following the latest issues the entity is facing such as the failing economy and right-wing government.

Tel Aviv and other cities have witnessed countless protests against the new hard-right government of Benjamin Netanyahu that so far lasted for 12 weeks. The last of which came following proposed reforms, which are already moving through parliament and would increase the power of politicians over the courts, and are a threat to “Israeli democracy.”

Counter protests have also started to ensue with supporters of Netanyahu calling his critics: “traitor leftists.”

Experts also say that another reason for those moving abroad could be due to “investors are running away” from the worsening economic situation which is currently facing a hit.

Those who are leaving are being described by some as not being fully convinced in the zionist idea because they have left “when things started getting bad.”

Ismat Mansour, a political expert, said that the Israeli Occupation refrains from reporting on those moving abroad to reinforce the notion that it is the place for Jews to run to instead of running from.

He added that, according to lawyers, investors or those who have ancestral roots in Europe are attempting to get citizenships there in light of the recent wave of protests the occupation is facing.

Former Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaked, “publicly called on Israelis not to seek out emigration and to stay in Israel,” Mansour said, adding that this is an indication that the issue has reached an “alarming stage” for them as investors have started leaving due to the deteriorating economic conditions following the judicial reforms made by the new right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

- The straw that broke the camel’s back -

A Mexican-born Israeli Occupation citizen by the name Daniel Schleider spoke to Hebrew media about his intention to move abroad with his family after Netanyahu “returned to power, assembled a coalition that includes far-right parties and started pushing changes that would erode hallmarks of Israeli democracy.”

“Schleider is far from alone in seeking to leave Israel this year,” wrote the Hebrew newspaper ‘The Times of Israel.’

“I’ve already been on the fence for a few years, but in the past year, with all the craziness and everything, I realized where the country was going. And after the recent elections, my wife — who had been unconvinced — was the one who took the step and said now she understood where the public is going and what life is going to be like in the country. You could call it the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he said.

“And then when the whole issue of the [judicial] revolution started, we just decided not to wait and to do it immediately.”