Jalta 'Kebrat Al-Eileh' on WATCH IT during Ramadan


Published: 2023-03-18 19:06

Last Updated: 2024-06-21 18:34

Jalta 'Kebrat Al-Eileh' on WATCH IT during Ramadan
Jalta 'Kebrat Al-Eileh' on WATCH IT during Ramadan

After the previous season Jalta “Stroke of Luck” was a huge success during Ramadan 2022, Roya Media Group (RMG) announced that there will be a new season of the series called Jalta “Kebrat Al-Eileh,” which will air after Iftar on Roya’s screen as well as ‘WATCH IT’ streaming platform during Ramadan 2023.

Jalta “Stroke of Luck” topped the list of most-watched comedy series in Jordan, according to IPSOS. It got more than 62 million views online, 20 million of which were by viewers in Saudi Arabia.

RMG’s Chief Executive Officer Eng. Fares Sayegh said: “I am proud and happy with the success achieved by all seasons of the Jalta TV series. This success obliges Roya Media Group to continue meeting its audiences expectations, by offering TV series that interest the Arab family and continue to work on expanding our TV production efforts.”

This season of the Jalta series welcomes new faces to the family. Abu Fouad’s son and his wife welcome their first child, while Fayrouz will move to another governorate for a new job.

Umm Fouad and Abu Fouad are busy with their daily routines, as Abu Fouad decides to finish his education with the help of his new assistant Imad. As for Umm Fouad, she is busy managing the new cafe, as well as many other interesting events in Jalta “Kebrat Al-Eileh.”

The series Jalta “Kebrat Al-Eileh” features a group of famous comedians of various Arab nationalities such as the Jordanian actor Zuhair Alnobani, the Syrian actor Mohammad Khair Al Jarrah, the Jordanian actress Amal Dabbas, the Syrian actress Jenny Esber, and the actress Maya Alsaidie, who appeared as a social influencer on social networking platforms among and others, Sharif Al Zoubi, Lea Mabardi, in addition to two new faces to the cast in season five: Wafaa Mously and Sarah Khasawneh.

Jalta “Kebrat Al-Eileh”' is a comedy-drama written by the Creative Lab and produced by The Show services, two companies who operate under RMG.

WATCH IT is an Egyptian video streaming platform owned by United Media Service (UMS), which was established in 2019. The platform was created to offer an exceptional viewing experience of classic Egyptian productions, films and Ramadan series to Arabs all over the world.