King Abdullah expresses pride in role of Jordanian women


Published: 2023-03-08 14:51

Last Updated: 2023-03-23 10:49

King Abdullah expresses pride in role of Jordanian women
King Abdullah expresses pride in role of Jordanian women

Wednesday, His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed pride in the role and achievements of Jordanian women, stressing that Jordan cannot move forward in the political, economic, and administrative modernization tracks without the active engagement of women.

At a meeting with women entrepreneurs at Basman Palace, King Abdullah expressed best wishes to all Jordanian women on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

His Majesty highlighted the importance of women-led entrepreneurial projects in improving the livelihoods of families and women, in addition to enabling women to enter the labor market in various sectors.

The King said women are key partners in Jordan’s progress, calling for supporting women and enhancing their participation in economic sectors, as well as in leadership and administrative positions.

The meeting covered means of advancing entrepreneurial projects as pivotal economic opportunities for young men and women, where they can unleash their potential and innovation.

His Majesty called for supporting entrepreneurial projects and mitigating any challenges they may face.

Attendees highlighted their experiences, pointing to the impact of their projects on society in general, and on women in particular, with the King expressing admiration for their success, dedication, and active participation.

The small- and medium-sized enterprises that His Majesty was briefed on are in the fields of construction, educational software for children, agriculture, tourism, industry, and traditional crafts.