Cybercrime Unit warns against electronic fraud


Published: 2023-02-23 10:31

Last Updated: 2024-06-22 15:31

Cybercrime Unit warns against electronic fraud
Cybercrime Unit warns against electronic fraud

The Cybercrime Unit at the Public Security Directorate (PSD) reiterated the need to beware of electronic fraud.

The unit shared a post on its official Facebook page that said "Your digital life needs as much protection as your property."

It warned citizens and residents of falling victim to electronic fraud, adding that they should not hesitate to contact the Cybercrime Unit for assistance.

The unit confirmed its readiness and confidence in dealing with criminal cases, even if it involves criminals in other countries, with the help of the Interpol as well as other Arab and international police departments. 

Citizens and residents were advised not to share any personal information with unknown websites or people.

Additionally, they were warned not to click on links from suspicious sources, which could lead to hacking or stealing personal information and accounts.