Miss Bahrain steals spotlight at Miss Universe


Published: 2023-01-14 17:04

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 20:09

Miss Bahrain steals spotlight at Miss Universe
Miss Bahrain steals spotlight at Miss Universe

Miss Bahrain, Evlin Khalifa, stole the spotlight at the Miss Universe pageant Wednesday night with her out of the ordinary outfit choice during the swimsuit round.

Khalifa stood out in a hot pink burkini which, not only carried a huge element of surprize, but also a powerful message.

The Arab beauty queen, who is only the second Bahraini woman to ever participate in the Miss Universe pageant, showcased a modest bright pink swimsuit with a cape portraying the following text: "Arab Women should be represented. Muslim women can also become Miss Universe." It also had the word "equality" written in Arabic at the bottom.

The official Miss Universe Bahrain account shared a picture with the caption: "One of the most celebrated Miss Universe candidates all over the news - globally. Thank you to the leading publications and social media pageant vloggers for believing in the power of dedication, determination, discipline and working together to break stereotypes regardless of a country’s sash factor. The @missuniversebahrain Organization always believe that preparation, hard work and passion someday - sooner or later - will find its way to the crown.”