Cholera is 'under control': Lebanese health minister


Published: 2022-12-07 21:16

Last Updated: 2023-02-01 08:53

Cholera is 'under control': Lebanese health minister
Cholera is 'under control': Lebanese health minister

Wednesday, the Lebanese Ministry of Health confirmed that cholera in the country is “under control.”

Lebanese Minister of Health Firas Al-Abyad said that since the beginning of the cholera outbreak in the country, the number of confirmed cases has reached 635.

He indicated that the cholera vaccine was given to around 500,000 people.

On Oct. 6, 2022, Lebanon confirmed the first cholera case since 1993.

Notably, cholera is a disease caused by bacteria that are transmitted from one person to another due to the consumption of contaminated food, drink, or water, calling on citizens to maintain personal and general hygiene, wash their hands with soap and water, especially after using the toilet, and to wash vegetables and fruits well before eating them, in addition to eating well-cooked food and refraining from buying from street vendors.

Cholera’s symptoms include severe and frequent diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.