Austrian Ambassador opens exhibition r e d u c e - r e u s e – r e c y c l e by Ulrike Koeb


Published: 2022-09-18 15:31

Last Updated: 2022-09-28 15:10

Austrian Ambassador opens exhibition r e d u c e - r e u s e – r e c y c l e by Ulrike Koeb
Austrian Ambassador opens exhibition r e d u c e - r e u s e – r e c y c l e by Ulrike Koeb

Dr. Oskar Wüstinger, Austrian Ambassador to Jordan, hosted the opening reception of the photography exhibition "r e d u c e – r e u s e – r e c y c l e" in company of the artist, Ms. Ulrike Koeb. The exhibition is part of the 10th edition of the Image Festival Amman, organized by Darat Al Tasweer, as well as of the European Environment Week.

Shown at the National Gallery of Fine Arts for the whole month of September, Ms. Koeb’s photographs present a unique meeting point at the nexus between art and environmental awareness. "r e d u c e – r e u s e – r e c y c l e" is a composition of selected works, which show waste and everyday objects arranged aesthetically and harmoniously in color to attract the viewer’s attention. The appealing images are a vivid reminder on how carelessly everyday items are thrown away and how waste is occupying our spaces unnoticedly. Climate change being one of today’s most threatening crises, the exhibition refers to the global waste problem and stimulates thought about consumption patterns. With her visual art, Ms. Koeb thus advocates for a regenerative system of the circular economy, mirroring the sustainable and waste-free cycle of nature.

The exhibiting artist lives and works as a food and still-life photographer in the Austrian capital, Vienna. In addition to commercial magazine and book projects, her photographs have appeared in numerous publications and have been featured in group and solo exhibitions in Oman, England, South Korea, The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary and Finland.
From glass waste to new glass, from metal scraps to wind turbine towers but also food waste that turns into nourishing compost soil – Austria reaches one of the highest recycling rates across Europe through a successful focus on waste management and recycling practices. The country holds a leading position for ecological construction and environment technology. Austrian companies are in a front-runner position on the global market of Green Technologies. Transformation towards a circular economy is one of the prioritized targets in the Austrian government programme for 2020-2024.

Ms. Koebs visual art pieces can be seen until the 5th of October in the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman. The exhibition is supported by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and the Austrian Embassy Amman.

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