Summer 2022 astronomically begins today


Published: 2022-06-21 19:29

Last Updated: 2023-06-06 01:07

Summer 2022 astronomically begins today
Summer 2022 astronomically begins today

June 21 of every year is declared the first day of the summer season. On Tuesday, Jordan and the countries in the northern hemisphere witnessed the phenomenon of the summer solstice, announcing the astronomical and official start of the summer season in the country, which lasts 94 days.

The summer solstice this year occurred on June 21 at 12:13pm in Jordan, which means that the sun reached its northernmost point in the sky, and then began to head south.

Notably, the sun on the summer solstice is completely vertical throughout the course of the year.

Tuesday, temperatures dropped in Amman ranging between 25 degrees during the day and 17 degrees at night.