Your favorite cooking shows await you in Ramadan 2022!


Published: 2022-04-02 18:00

Last Updated: 2023-03-28 06:19

Your favorite cooking shows await you in Ramadan 2022!
Your favorite cooking shows await you in Ramadan 2022!

Roya’s Kitchen with Nabil:

Roya’s Kitchen with Nabil, Jordan's most popular cooking program, will be shown daily during the Holy month of Ramadan at 3:30pm!

The program is presented by Chef Nidal Al-Braihi, who has been given the title ‘Bulldozer’ by his fans last year, in addition to Samir Hijazi and Rawan Al-Ali, who has always spread good vibes and happiness inside Roya's Kitchen with Nabil!

The program offers daily prizes throughout the whole month of Ramadan!

Additionally, there are countless new recipes that Chef Nidal Al-Braihi will present to you during this season from Roya’s Kitchen with Nabil.

Sit Al Nakhat:

In the 10th season of Sit Al Nakhat, a new and unique part of the program was revealed, which is the presence of a nutritionist in each episode of the program. This aimed at guiding women on how to make their recipes healthy and delicious at the same time.

More than one nutritionist participated in the episodes, including Rand Al-Disi, Ruba Musharbash and others. This season's slogan is ‘The Season of Health and Wellness.’

Sit Al Nakhat - in collaboration with Knorr - is a cooking competition that will be shown daily in Ramadan at 5pm. The program supports and empowers women to make their culinary dreams come true!

In the show, the contestants must reach the final stage of the competition to win a cash prize of JD 10,000 and the prestigious title of “Sit Al Nakhat.”

Stay tuned for Roya’s Kitchen with Nabil and the 10th season of Sit Al Nakhat during Ramadan 2022!

To watch episodes from previous seasons, visit the Roya website or download the Roya application via: App Store, Huawei App Gallery, Google play.