Education Ministry lays off teachers in cerebral palsy school


Published: 2022-02-18 13:56

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 17:00

Education Ministry lays off teachers in cerebral palsy school
Education Ministry lays off teachers in cerebral palsy school

Eman Faraj, the principal of school in Amman for children with cerebral palsy, said that the Ministry of Education has terminated the contracts of teachers in its Karak and Aqaba branches, which will leave the classrooms without teachers when school starts on Sunday.

She added in an interview with Roya Thursday that the school is a part of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, established in 1991, and it is the only school in Jordan that provides curriculums that enables students with cerebral palsy to continue their highschool education and attend college.

The principal noted that the school has three branches, one in Amman, Karak, and Aqaba and all the school staff are from the Ministry of Education.

Faraj said, as of 2022, 10 percent of the school teachers are from the ministry and the rest are volunteers from the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

That 10 percent represents 15 teachers, nine in Amman, four in Karak, and two in Aqaba, she warned that the remaining nine in Amman will have their contracts terminated by the ministry.

The Education Ministry’s reason behind these layoffs is that these teachers have no allotments.

The total number of students in the school is 78, Amman has 52, and 26 is equally divided between Karak and Aqaba.

The director of the Students with Disabilities Program Directorate Mohammed Rahamneh said that this matter is under the Human Resources Management Directorate.

Roya tried to reach out to the directorate, but it did not respond.