Meteorologists warn of torrential rain and thunderstorms Saturday


Published: 2022-02-18 10:28

Last Updated: 2024-06-20 15:16

Meteorologists warn of torrential rain and thunderstorms Saturday
Meteorologists warn of torrential rain and thunderstorms Saturday

The Meteorological Department warned in a special report of the danger of torrential rains due to the impact of a state of unstable weather Saturday.

The Director of the Meteorological Department, Mr. Raed Rafid Al-Khattab, explained that a mixture of upper and lower air over Egypt is moving eastward, accompanied by another European depression advancing from north to south, which will clearly lead to a state of instability and the occurrence of thunderstorm activity in several areas Saturday.

Al-Khattab added that on Friday night, the state of instability begins to affect the form of isolated showers of rain in the southwestern parts of the Kingdom. The state of instability will intensify Saturday as many places in the Kingdom will witness the formation of thunderclouds, which are accompanied by heavy rain showers sometimes and rain showers. 

The chance of precipitation will continue on Saturday in separate areas of the Kingdom, which are heavy at times, with the continued expectation of torrential formation.

It is also expected that light showers of snow will fall over the southern high mountains.

The Meteorological Department requests the citizens to stay away from the torrents during the impact of weather conditions, especially the cases of atmospheric instability, which are usually active during the coming period, and are often characterized by random heavy rains, which may result in the formation of sudden torrents and torrents transferred to low places that do not witness precipitation. 

The Meteorological Department also warned of the danger of low horizontal visibility on external roads due to dust stirred up by the wind.

To follow up on the latest updates on the weather situation, please visit the Ministry of Transport’s website or the Meteorological Department’s website on the Internet or on the social networking pages FACEBOOK or contact the duty officer in the Directorate of Weather Forecasts on the number 4916190 and also on the number 4916191, or via the JMDWEATHER smart phone app