Roya issues written warning, considers filing lawsuit against DW


Published: 2022-02-08 20:34

Last Updated: 2023-02-04 12:56

Roya issues written warning, considers filing lawsuit against DW
Roya issues written warning, considers filing lawsuit against DW

Roya Media Group (RMG) sent a written warning to Deutsche Welle (DW) reminding it of its commitment to the contract it had signed with Roya in accordance with the law.

CEO of Roya Media Group, Eng. Fares Sayegh confirmed in a brief statement that, according to the written warning, the German Deutsche Welle will be given a week to respond to the warning it had received.

Sayegh revealed that in the event that DW does not fulfill its obligations to the contract it had previously signed, the RMG is considering filing a lawsuit against DW before the competent courts in Jordan and Germany, stressing that not fulfilling the obligations would be a violation of a contract signed in accordance to the provisions of the laws currently in force.

Sayegh emphasized that the Roya Media Group, since its launch, has not deviated from the media content and the ethical framework, in terms of performing its mission in a dignified manner that does not violate the steadfast media frameworks, in order to preserve its principles as well as the contracts it had signed with different parties.

Additionally, the Roya Media Group had announced its regret at the declared decision of Deutsche Welle to suspend its agreements with Roya after a hostile campaign was launched accusing Roya of “antisemitism.”

Sayegh reiterated that Roya continues to strengthen the confidence it already has with its audience, and would never issue inhumane publications but it also cannot condone any hostilities against innocent civilians and therefore will not stop covering and shedding light on such hostilities.

Sayegh also reiterated that Roya is not antisemetic, which would be against the company’s core values in its fight against racism which is an indisputable principle for Roya Media Group.