Big birds in summer, trees in winter: MP comments on power outage


Published: 2022-01-31 15:07

Last Updated: 2024-06-14 11:45

MP Suleiman Abu Yahya
MP Suleiman Abu Yahya

Monday, MP Suleiman Abu Yahya stressed the need to find out the causes of power outage during the atmospheric depression, which caused the citizens' discontent.

During the meeting held by the Parliamentary Energy and Mineral Resources Committee to discuss the outage, Abu Yahya deplored the continuous power cuts that Jordan witnessed, which extended for hours in a number of regions, in light of the government’s endeavor to provide a number of countries with energy and fuel.

"In the summer we’ve got big birds, and in the winter poles and trees," he said, sarcastically, referring to Jordan's electricity cuts in the summer and winter.

He pointed out that the problem is "clear," it is either because of the electric poles or because of the trees, explaining that the matter does not need time to be investigated.

A verbal altercation occurred between MP Ali Al-Tarawneh and MP Hussein Al-Harasis Monday after the parliament session was postponed due to the lack of quorum.

MP Al-Tarawneh said that "the quorum is complete and there is no need to postpone, and the postponement will not allow the MPs to discuss the power outage."