#Salsabil_Abu_Shouk trends on Twitter following death of university student


Published: 2022-01-03 12:57

Last Updated: 2024-04-20 03:16

#Salsabil_Abu_Shouk trends on Twitter following death of university student
#Salsabil_Abu_Shouk trends on Twitter following death of university student

Monday, the hashtag "#Salsabil_Abu_Shouk" topped the list of trending hashtags on Twitter in Jordan. This came after a university student, Salsabil Abu Shouk, passed away Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, a student at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (AHU) passed away, according to the President of the university Atef Al-Kharabsheh.

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The university said in a statement issued Monday that according to a medical source at Ma’an Governmental Hospital, at around 6pm Sunday, the student visited the hospital.

The student, later identified as Salsabil Jamil Abu Shouk, said she was suffering from pain in her chest and shortness of breath. After medical procedures were carried out by a doctor at the hospital, the doctor told Abu Shouk to leave the hospital as there was no need for her to stay in the hospital, as her condition was stable.

After that, Abu Shouk returned to the university dorm, and after approximately two hours, at around 8:30pm, she passed out.

The dorm supervisors were informed of the student's condition. They immediately called the nearest university car that arrived at the university campus within six minutes of reporting the case, without waiting for the ambulance.

The student was immediately taken to Ma’an Governmental Hospital, which is only one kilometer away from the university campus. However, she passed away before arriving at the hospital.

The concerned authorities at the university and the security authorities were informed and the necessary measures were taken. Initial examination of the student’s body showed no bruises or injuries.

According to the Public Prosecutor's order, the student's body was transferred to the National Center for Forensic Medicine at Al-Bashir Hospital to examine the body and determine the cause of death.

Following the incident, the university president issued a decision to form an investigation committee.