Coronavirus situation in Jordan is complex: expert


Published: 2021-12-04 22:04

Last Updated: 2022-01-17 17:50

Coronavirus situation in Jordan is complex: expert
Coronavirus situation in Jordan is complex: expert

Hassan Al-Tarawneh, an expert in chest diseases and critical care, said that the epidemiological situation in Jordan is complex and must be contained, and that there is a high number of deaths, infections and active cases of the coronavirus. 

Al-Tarawneh added that Jordan is experiencing a wave of the coronavirus, and the real numbers are greater than the announced, explaining that families whose members are infected with the virus do not conduct an examination for all their members.

Al-Tarawneh pointed out that the vaccine does not protect 100 percent from infection, but rather reduces the possibility of infection five times, stressing that wearing a mask, distancing and taking the vaccine together are the only way to prevent an infection.

Tarawneh said that gatherings and parties are not in the best interest of people, stressing that health and epidemiological security should be a national priority.

Defense orders must be applied to everyone without selectivity, and the country must maintain the containment of the epidemiological situation and prevent a collapse of the health system, according to Tarawneh.