Repeated statements about food safety in Jordan 'worrying': JFDA


Published: 2021-11-01 12:09

Last Updated: 2023-02-09 08:05

Nizar Mhaidat, Director of the Food and Drug Administration
Nizar Mhaidat, Director of the Food and Drug Administration

Monday, the Director of the Food and Drug Administration, Nizar Mhaidat, said that a United Nations report indicated that 84 percent of Jordan's population does not eat a healthy diet.

Mhaidat added that after explaining the Food and Drug Administration's viewpoint on the United Nations report, a doctor named Sanaa Gammoh spoke about the presence of carcinogenic substances in Jordanian food, which called on the Foundation to refute Gammoh’s statements, reveal the facts, and issue a statement noting that all the samples obtained were safe for human use.

According to Mhaidat, a lawsuit was filed with the Public Prosecutor against Dr. Gammoh, but he refused to disclose the name of the party who filed the lawsuit.

Mhaidat said that the fact such statements about food safety are repeated from the same source worries him.

He confirmed the safety of food and medicine in Jordan and pointed out that the “citizen's trust in the Jordan Food and Drug Administration is high.”