Rise in positive PCR test rates is ‘worrying': Hijjawi


Published: 2021-08-08 20:54

Last Updated: 2023-03-27 12:20

Rise in positive PCR test rates is ‘worrying': Hijjawi
Rise in positive PCR test rates is ‘worrying': Hijjawi

Sunday, a member of the National Committee for Epidemics Bassam Hijjawi spoke to Roya about the COVID-19 situation in the Kingdom.

Hijjawi pointed out that the rise in the daily positive PCR test rates is ‘worrying.’ 

However, he said that Jordan needs four or five consecutive days to reach an accurate epidemiological assessment.

Hijjawi stressed the need to expand vaccination against the coronavirus in the Kingdom, as it contributes to reducing the duration of the rise of the epidemiological curve.

He pointed out that COVID-19 mutations will continue to appear unexpectedly as long as the vaccination campaign against the virus is insufficient.

He lastly stressed the importance of adhering to defense orders and the precautionary measures.

Sunday, 5.20 percent of PCR tests came back positive. 

A total of 11 deaths and 986 new coronavirus cases were recorded in Jordan Sunday.