Fake Canadian immigration announcement circulates on social media


Published: 2021-07-06 12:01

Last Updated: 2022-05-17 14:30

Fake Canadian immigration announcement circulates on social media
Fake Canadian immigration announcement circulates on social media

Tuesday, social media users shared a news story about the Canadian President's announcement that his country needs one million workers in 2021.

But according to fact-finders at AFP, the post is indeed fraudulent. 

The post includes an image from Al-Jazeera Egypt, on which it was written, "Canadian President: Canada needs one million workers starting from 2021." The accompanying text included a link for those wishing to immigrate to click on to register, noting that "the academic and language level is not important in multiple professions."

Some pages on Facebook often spread misinformation about immigration to Canada to increase their following, obtain money or personal information, or steal user accounts.

The Canadian government had previously warned of these rumors on its official website, stressing that "no one can guarantee you a job or an entry visa to Canada," explaining that the decision to issue a visa is only made by employees of the immigration services in Canada, in Canadian embassies, and consulates.

The Canadian government also confirmed that immigration applications are not submitted through any advertising materials or links, and that its employees will never ask for money to be transferred, nor will they provide special offers for those wishing to immigrate and will not use social media or free email services to communicate.

The image used in the post is a composite. It was cut from the news bulletin by Al-Jazeera Egypt in 2014, and added the phrase “Canadian President: Canada needs a million workers,” despite the fact that there is no President of Canada, but rather a Prime Minister.