Vaccination sites receive people over 50 years old without appointments Friday


Published: 2021-06-25 09:32

Last Updated: 2022-08-12 18:50

Vaccination sites receive people over 50 years old without appointments Friday
Vaccination sites receive people over 50 years old without appointments Friday

Friday, the National Center for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM) announced that people over 50 years of age can head to a number of vaccination sites across the Kingdom to get vaccinated without appointments.

This came after the NCSCM Thursday announced that 32 major vaccination centers in various areas of the Kingdom will begin to receive citizens and residents on Fridays, starting June 25.

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The aim is to vaccinate the largest possible segment of groups that are most at-risk in terms of COVID-19.

The who wish to get vaccinated must not have any medical contraindications, hypersensitivity and must not have been infected with COVID-19 over the past 30 days.

The NCSCM called on citizens and residents who meet the requirements to head to the closest vaccination site alone if possible and, if they require assistance, to only bring along one person to prevent overcrowding.

Below is the list of vaccination site:


- Amman_Mobile_Team_1
- Al-Hussein Sports City - Youth House Amman/ Gate Seven
- King Abdullah II Park - Muqabalain/ East Gate Two (Drive-Thru)
- Al-Hussein Park - Gate Two (Drive-Thru)
- Dewan Alhamlan - UNICEF Roundabout across the Jordan River Foundation in Marka
- Prince Faisal Hall - Gate One /King Abdullah II City in Qweismeh
- Ya Hala Hall - Al-Hussein Sports City / Gate One
- Ya Hala Hall Two - Al-Hussein Sports City / Gate One
- Al-Hussein Sports City - Gate Three (Drive-Thru)
- Sahab Cultural Center and Theater
- Prince Hamza Hospital
- Al-Bashir Hospitals
- Specialty Hospital


- The Cultural Center in Irbid
- Hobras Comprehensive Health Center
- North Shouneh Comprehensive Health Center
- Al-Hussein Sports City
- Al-Hassan Sport City (Drive-Thru)


- Ain Al-Basha Comprehensive Health Center
- Salt Governmental Hospital
- Maadi High School for Girls


- Hajj Affairs Association - Mushairifa
- Rufaida Islamic College
- Prince Mohammad City for Youth
- Prince Mohammad City for Youth - West Gate (Drive-Thru)
- Dhlail Comprehensive Health Center
- Prince Faisal Governmental Hospital
- New Salt Governmental Hospital


- Aqaba_Mobile_Team


- Southern Mazar Health Center


- Chest Diseases Center - Mafraq Health Affairs Directorate


- Jerash Sports Club


- Ajloun Comprehensive Health Center


- Madaba Health Affairs Directorate

- Northern Madab Comprehensive Health Center