Cybercrime Unit issues important security guidelines


Published: 2021-06-20 09:49

Last Updated: 2021-07-25 10:25

Cybercrime Unit issues important security guidelines
Cybercrime Unit issues important security guidelines

Sunday, the Cybercrime Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) at the Public Security Directorate (PSD) issued important guidelines, calling on the citizens and residents of the Kingdom to protect their financial and banking details.

The post aimed to raise awareness about electronic criminal activity, saying that sharing a picture of a credit card without verifying the recipient's identity could enable criminals to steal their money.

The unit shared the following tips regarding protecting sensitive financial and banking information:

1- Do not share your official documents on social networking websites.

2- Do not share passwords with anyone.

3- Banking institutions will never ask clients for passwords or verification codes over the phone or via text messages.

4- Do not share pictures of credit cards without verifying the person's identity, if you wish to share it with a relative or a friend.

5- Do not share personal information or pictures of official documents with 'unreliable' or 'official' parties.

6- Be mindful of the access you approve of after downloading new mobile applications.