Adventurer explores seven safe tourist trails in valleys, mountains of Tafilah


Published: 2021-06-15 20:59

Last Updated: 2022-10-01 02:49

Adventurer explores seven safe tourist trails in valleys, mountains of Tafilah
Adventurer explores seven safe tourist trails in valleys, mountains of Tafilah

The Jordanian adventurer, Aws Al-Marayat, was able to discover seven new water and rocky tourist trails in the valleys and mountains of Tafilah.

Marayat walked tens of kilometers on foot, in an effort to shed light upon these sites on the map of local and international tourism, while promoting the concepts of adventure tourism.

In an interview with the Jordan News Agency (Petra), Marayat said that he was able to locate the new trails in the areas of Tunab Al-Raml, Siyuh Saleh, Wadi Al-Baghla, Sirb Ain Aouda, Wadi Khnaizir, and Sil Jamila.

He indicated that he seeks to discover new trails with the aim of contributing to the enhancement of tourism in Tafilah concerned with adventure tourism, climbing, night and day hikes, and mountain descents.

Marayat - the winner of several awards and international and local training certificates that qualifies him for training operations and night and day hikes accompanied by tourist groups - noted that one of the objectives of creating these trails and paths is to facilitate a safe environment for tourists without exposing them to risks through GPS applications.

He noted there is cooperation with the Tourism Directorate and a group of adventurers in promoting tourist sites in the area.

Marayat pointed to the keenness of adventure seekers and travel and tourism companies to reach these tourist paths, stressing the need to institutionalize adventure tourism and enhance it with the necessary requirements, such as guides, centers to receive visitors, stations to serve them, and others necessities enjoy the scenic landscapes and promote walking, climbing and long-distance walks.

He indicated that he went on many mountain courses and hikes and has vital skills for such adventures, such as first aid and dealing with nature and predatory animals.

He is currently attracting tourist groups from different regions of the Kingdom and abroad and accompanying them on trips throughout the year to introduce them to the diversity of nature. 

In turn, the Director of Tafilah Tourism, Kholoud Al-Jarba'a, indicated that adventure tourism and walking through the various tourist paths have begun picking up pace as a result of the presence of tourist paths and the nature Tafilah holds.

She said that the Tourism Directorate launched a package of activities and initiatives on adventure tourism, all which characterize Tafilah.