'Verifying whether wedding attendees have been vaccinated is difficult': ZCC


Published: 2021-06-15 16:53

Last Updated: 2021-07-28 08:50

'Verifying whether wedding attendees have been vaccinated is difficult': ZCC
'Verifying whether wedding attendees have been vaccinated is difficult': ZCC

The head of the Zarqa Chamber of Commerce (ZCC), Hussein Shreim, said Tuesday that the conditions for reopening the sector of wedding halls, clubs, cultural centers and cafes, obliges facility owners, employees and their visitors to have at least received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with 21 days having passed since the inoculation.

However, Shreim indicated the difficulty in implementing these conditions, as most of those who visit and work within these establishments are younger individuals, noting that it is highly likely that they have not been immunized yet due to the coronavirus vaccination procedures and priorities set by the government.

Shreim called for the reassessment of the plan to reopen the sectors before obligating the owners of establishments to sign pledges to implement them.

He explained that verifying whether visitors have received the vaccine, especially wedding halls, is difficult, because the owner of the facility or the supervising officer cannot inspect all attendees as it is impractical and can lead to many issues.

Shreim called for compromised solutions, such as requiring the vaccination of workers in the facilities and canceling the condition for visitors.

Shreim noted that the authorities concerned with receiving requests to reopen facilities are not well prepared, citing several complaints received by merchants.

He noted the instructions remain unclear to employees.

He pointed to the additional costs facility owners will face in appointing and training a health official within establishments to ensure adherence to health measures.

Shreim called for focusing on awareness campaigns on the importance of receiving coronavirus vaccines, while re-gaining the confidence of citizens to urge the largest number of citizens to receive the vaccine to return life to back to normal.