Aqaba prepares to receive tourists from Romania


Published: 2021-06-11 11:41

Last Updated: 2021-06-12 20:58

Aqaba prepares to receive tourists from Romania
Aqaba prepares to receive tourists from Romania

The Deputy Head of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Sharhabeel Madi, confirmed Friday that the relevant sea-side authorities are gearing up for the reception of Romanian tourists via a chartered flight from Bucharest to Aqaba.

Through the 22 tourism and travel agencies used to attract Romanians to Aqaba, Madi reviewed the elements of tourism in Jordan, emphasizing the importance of the Golden Triangle's role as a spearhead of tourism in the region.

The Golden Triangle is the name used for Jordan's three tourist hot spots, namely Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum.

He explained that Aqaba was able to achieve many successes in the tourism sector during the past period, as the number of hotel rooms did not exceed 4,000.

But, now there are about 6,000 rooms available, he added, noting they come with qualified and trained local manpower.

Madi pointed to the policy to integrate the people of the local community in the tourism sector, indicating Aqaba is a diverse area and should not be labelled as "only a sea," but rather, a city that has culture and heritage and maintains sustainability.

Madi indicated that Aqaba is the first Jordanian city to be freed from the coronavirus.

This helps to attract many tourists from different cities of the world, he said, adding that tourists can enter Aqaba if they have proof of full immunization against COVID-19.