Tafilah witnesses high vaccination turnout


Published: 2021-06-07 13:59

Last Updated: 2021-10-16 17:07

Tafilah witnesses high vaccination turnout
Tafilah witnesses high vaccination turnout

An increasing turnout of citizens was witnessed in recent days in the five approved coronavirus vaccination centers in Tafilah, unlike the initial period of the vaccination campaign.

According to the governorate's director of health affairs, Khaled Al-Khawaldeh, the number of vaccine recipients has dramatically increased during the past few weeks.

Khawaldeh said that nearly 10,000 people received the vaccine in Tafilah.

He stressed that 150 to 200 doses are administered per center on a daily basis.

Khawaldeh indicated that a temporary vaccination station was opened at Tafilah Technical University, which lasted for two days, to make it easier for employees to take the vaccine within their workplace.

He noted that such stations will soon be circulated in various government departments, to ease vaccination processes and increase immunization in the country.