‘#FreeMunaAlKurd’ trends in Jordan


Published: 2021-06-06 16:47

Last Updated: 2021-07-28 21:59

Editor: Dana Sharayri

‘#FreeMunaAlKurd’ trends in Jordan
‘#FreeMunaAlKurd’ trends in Jordan

Sunday, the hashtag ‘FreeMunaAlKurd’ topped the list of trending hashtags on Twitter in Jordan following the arrest of the 23-year-old Palestinian activist and journalist Muna Al-Kurd from her family home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

According to Al-Kurd's mother, "Muna was arrested from [their] house in Sheikh Jarrah, which was stormed by the Israeli Occupation intelligence."

Following the arrest of his sister, Mohammed Al-Kurd, turned himself in to the Israeli Occupation police, hours after they stormed their house in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

A social media user wrote on Twitter “Freedom to the fearless twin Mona El-Kurd and Mohamad El-Kurd who have been defending their homes and their neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah from Israel’s ever-hungry settler-colonial machine #FreeMunaAlKurd.”

Another social media user said “They are terrified of her voice, her camera, her power & strength. Arresting her won’t shut us up nor shut her, because today we are Muna AlKurd.”

One of the users said that the Israeli Occupation arrested Muna and her brother Mohammad who brought Sheikh Jarrah's news to the world.

He added “Don't let the world be silent.”