Jordan resumes COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for teachers


Published: 2021-05-17 14:59

Last Updated: 2022-12-01 11:50

Jordan resumes COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for teachers
Jordan resumes COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for teachers

Monday, the Ministry of Education resumed the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for teachers in different education directorates across the Kingdom.

The Ministry aims to vaccinate more than 160,000 teachers as part of the government's plan to bring back in-person education.

The education director of the Northwestern Badia region Bassem Edeibat told Roya that they aim to vaccinate 3,200 teachers, including those in the Zaatari camp.

Edeibat indicated that the campaign is ongoing for a week in order to contribute to the goal of securing a safe school year.

The health affairs director in Mafraq Hani Elaimat told Roya that three centers were designated to vaccinate teachers in the Northwestern Badia region. He noted that the number of those who received the coronavirus vaccine in Mafraq exceeded 35,000.

Elaimat said the vaccination centers witnessed a great turnout and compliance with vaccination appointments. He also expects the number to increase towards the end of May.

A director of Education in Irbid Saleh al-Omari said the directorate employs approximately 6,000 teachers and the designated vaccination centers have also witnessed a great turnout Monday.

He noted that to prevent overcrowding in general vaccine centers, three centers have been designated as specialized teacher vaccine centers.