Sharkas issues warning about Indian mutation


Published: 2021-05-03 15:16

Last Updated: 2021-05-07 22:08

Sharkas issues warning about Indian mutation
Sharkas issues warning about Indian mutation

Assistant Secretary-General for Primary Health Care Dr. Ghazi Sharkas Monday warned against decreased caution against COVID-19, particularly in light of the mutated Indian strain being detected on Jordanian soil.

Sharkas said that the Indian mutation is currently under surveillance, and necessary measures have been taken to prevent its spread.

He also added that in the past few days, there has been an increase in the number of registrations on the Ministry's vaccine platform, which is happening in conjunction with an accelerated pace of the vaccine campaign.

Both are good signs that the epidemiological situation is stabilizing he said, but he called to remain cautiously optimistic.

Finally, he said that achieving a safe summer depends on how the Indian mutation impacts the epidemiological curve in Jordan.