ACC celebrates Jordanian workers on Labor Day


Published: 2021-05-01 14:31

Last Updated: 2021-05-17 09:57

ACC celebrates Jordanian workers on Labor Day
ACC celebrates Jordanian workers on Labor Day

The Amman Chamber of Commerce said Saturday, on the occasion of Labor Day, that Jordanian workets are the fabric of the nation. 

In a statement, the Chamber saluted the homeland’s workers and their pioneering role in serving Jordan.  

The Chamber indicated that the commercial sector, despite the difficulties that the national economy is facing due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, is still able to provide job opportunities for the Jordanian workforce, and protect and preserve them to sustain the wheel of production.

The Chamber's president, Khalil Hajj Tawfiq, praised the efforts made by the Jordanian workforce and their participation in the process of building and promoting the process of economic renaissance, development and production, stressing that the Coronavirus pandemic has weighed heavily on them, which requires the continued provisions of all means to support them.

He stressed the need to provide support and care for the workforce, improve their living conditions, and cooperate between the public and private sectors in the fields of training for Jordanian workers to refine their skills so that they can compete in the local labor market or outside the Kingdom.

Al-Haj Tawfiq said, "We are very confident that Jordan, with the support of its workers and sons, is able to face the challenges and difficulties and turn them into real opportunities that are reflected in the national economy march, and to proceed with our Hashemite leadership in the process of building the nation in its second centenary."

He pointed out that the Amman Chamber of Commerce is keen to provide the necessary training for workers in companies and institutions of the commercial and service sector in the capital to contribute to raising the efficiency of its workers, which will be reflected on its work and its advancement.

Al-Haj Tawfiq mentioned that the number of workers in the commercial and service sector who are registered with the Social Security Corporation exceeds half a million workers, with 42 percent of the total workers in various economic sectors throughout the Kingdom.