Antibodies not only immunity that COVID-19 vaccine provides: Belbisi


Published: 2021-04-30 19:27

Last Updated: 2022-01-22 13:23

Antibodies not only immunity that COVID-19 vaccine provides: Belbisi
Antibodies not only immunity that COVID-19 vaccine provides: Belbisi

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health for Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases, and the head of the coronavirus portfolio, Adel Al-Belbisi, said that Jordan recorded a clear decrease in the numbers of deaths and infections from the coronavirus in the 17th epidemiological week.

Belbisi told Roya Friday that Jordan recorded 12,209 injuries and 322 deaths during the 17th epidemiological week, in addition to a decrease in the percentage of positive PCR tests to 9.9 percent.

He stressed that all indications showed that the COVID-19 situation in Jordan is "good," but at the same time he warned against complacency and the lack of commitment to preventive measures as sectors reopen.

Belbisi pointed out that Jordanians and residents have shown keenness to register for the coronavirus vaccine, as there are 40,000-60,000 new registrations daily.

However, on Friday, only 13,000 registered, he said.

He indicated that the number of registered people on the platform has reached 1,573,000 people, hoping that the total number of registrations would reach three million in the coming days.

In regards to the Indian mutation, Belbisi stressed that no country in the world is safe from the entry of COVID-19 or any of its mutated strains, especially the Indian one.

He noted that there are preventive measures in Jordan to prevent the strain from entering its lands, as the entry of any non-Jordanian coming from India was prevented, unless they have spent 14 days outside of India in another country except, in addition to other measures.

In regards to vaccines and antibodies, Belbeisi said that it is not necessary to take an antibody test or PCR test after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

He added that antibodies are not the only immunity that the body creates, noting that there is another form of immunity that the body creates through T-cells.

T-cells are a white blood cells in the immune system which plays a central role in adaptive immune responses.