CDC releases new guidelines for fully vaccinated people


Published: 2021-04-28 16:14

Last Updated: 2021-05-17 15:22

Source: AARP
Source: AARP

Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued updated guidelines for those who have been fully vaccinated.

A person is fully vaccinated once two weeks have elapsed since the second dose of a two-shot vaccine, or first/only dose of a one-shot vaccine.

Fully vaccinated people can now:

  • Socialize indoors with other fully-vaccinated people without weaning masks, or social distancing
  • Socialize indoors with unvaccinated people who are at low-risk for COVID-19 without wearing masks or social distancing
  • Enjoy outdoor activities without wearing a mask, except in cases of large crowds
  • Refrain from testing and quarantine if exposed to a COVID-19 case, if asymptomatic.