Jordanians debate ‘right age’ to get married in Jordan


Published: 2021-04-27 17:52

Last Updated: 2022-06-26 10:09

Jordanians debate ‘right age’ to get married in Jordan
Jordanians debate ‘right age’ to get married in Jordan

Tuesday, Roya posted on its social media platforms an interactive question for Jordanians, “What is the right age for a young man to get married in Jordan?”

The post received more than 8,000 comments.

The responses carried different points of views, and some responses were sarcastic.

An individual wrote, “The appropriate age for marriage in Jordan is 80 years.”

A lot of users expressed their points of views on marriage, saying that being responsible is more important than the actual age of getting married.

One user wrote, “Age is never a measure," stressing that all that matters is being responsible.

Another user wrote, "If you have a house, a salary and a car, then age is not important."

Another user chose to answer the question with positivity, the individual said that people get married for the sake of love, affection and support.

However, another person said if you do not have a house, a car and savings of not less than 100,000, then forget about it.

A user also commented “It’s better to stay single.”