Prince Hamzah not under house arrest: Fayez


Published: 2021-04-21 17:10

Last Updated: 2024-05-23 17:20

Prince Hamzah not under house arrest: Fayez
Prince Hamzah not under house arrest: Fayez

The Speaker of the Senate, Faisal Al-Fayez, said Wednesday during an interview with France24, that the 'sedition case' is not shrouded in any ambiguity, and its preliminary investigations were conducted in public.

He added that we are now living in the era of information where several statements, reports and comments are issued on social media by several parties, causing a disparity or "wide space" between information. In light of this, Fayez said that the government has an 'obligation' to reveal the truth. 

This prompted the government to issue a clear statement regarding preliminary investigations, he said.

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In his response to a question whether the case had ended, Fayez replied that the case has not yet ended, and after the initial investigations, they await the criminal investigation of the Public Prosecution, which is when "all facts will become clear."

He pointed out that there are between 14 to 18 accused in the case of trying to destabilize national security and stability, and their involvement will be looked into, adding that during the trial, facts will be clarified. All details before and during the trial will be presented.

-Prince Hamzah-

Regarding His Highness Prince Hamzah, Fayez explained that His Majesty King Abdullah II decided to resolve the issue within the royal family, and Prince Hamzah issued a statement confirming his loyalty to His Majesty and Crown Prince Al-Hussein.

Notably, in light of the decision taken by His Majesty King Abdullah II to deal with the issue of His Highness Prince Hamzah within the Hashemite family, His Majesty entrusted this matter to his uncle, His Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, who in turn communicated with Prince Hamzah, and Prince Hamzah confirmed that he adheres to the approach of the Hashemite family.

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Al-Fayez denied all allegations regarding Prince Hamzah being placed under house arrest - despite some claiming this - adding that His Highness appeared with His Majesty the King, along with other members of the royal family to pay their respects at the tombs of their forefathers during celebrations of Jordan's centenary.

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To further expose the falsity of the aforementioned allegations, Fayez referred to His Majesty the King’s statement that Prince Hamzah is in his home and among his family while in the care of His Majesty.

"This denies all rumors that His Highness is under house arrest."

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When asked about why Prince Hamzah is not allowed to speak to anyone over the phone, Fayez responded saying that this was a decision taken solely by Prince Hamzah. Upon signing statements and coming to agreements with His Highness El Hassan bin Talal, he decided not to speak. Fayez said that the agreement included Prince Hamzah staying away from the limelight until the case is completed.

Fayez also referred to the government’s clear and frank statements regarding the allegations, in which the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ayman Safadi, confirmed that Prince Hamzah had a hand in this strife and there were people who helped him, but His Majesty still decided to solve the issue within the framework of the royal family.

He added that Prince Hamzah could not be subjected to trial because his issue was resolved within this framework, and Prince Hamzah, in turn, affirmed his loyalty to His Majesty and signed statements confirming this.

Regarding the existence of Western intervention to end the issue with Prince Hamzah, Fayez denied the existence of any kind of interference because the solution to the issue was within the framework of the royal family.

Fayez refused to describe what happened as a plot or coup. He said that what happened was an attempt to sow discord and destabilize security and stability in the Kingdom.

-Saudi Arabia-

In response to a question related to the arrest of Bassem Awadallah, the former Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court (RHC), and Saudi Arabia "scrambling" to find out what was going on in Jordan a few hours after the announcement of sedition, Fayez said, there was no 'rush' or 'scrambling', but rather the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was simply eager to show their support for Jordan.

Fayez added that Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman called His Majesty, confirming their support for him, and Saudi Arabia also sent a delegation to Jordan confirming its support for the Kingdom.

Fayez rejected the question posed by the French channel anchor that Saudi Arabia had changed its position on the Hashemite guardianship of Occupied Jerusalem. He said that the Saudi King personally confirmed to him during his visit to Saudi Arabia years ago the importance of Hashemite guardianship over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Occupied Jerusalem, and the Saudi ambassador in Amman also confirmed this, noting that Saudi Arabia has never demanded any changes to the guardianship.


Responding to Jared Kushner's (Senior advisor to former US President Donald Trump) involvement in the matter, Fayez said, "I previously confirmed in another interview that I do not accuse anyone."

However, he added that all the evidence indicates that former US President Donald Trump's policies sought to destabilize security and stability in the entire region, including his support to the Israeli Occupation, which His Majesty King Abdullah II was clearly against.

Such policies and agreements by Trump include his agreements to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Occupied Jerusalem and annexing lands from Occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Golan to the Israeli Occupation.

On Jordan's current relationship with the administration of US President Biden, Fayez explained that it is an "excellent relationship that extends to the era of President Obama when President Biden was his deputy." There was constant communication between His Majesty King Abdullah II and President Biden, and there is also an understanding by the current US administration of Jordan's positions.

"This administration has also restored support to UNRWA, and has reaffirmed that the Palestinian territories are Occupied lands, and has also restored support to the Palestinian Authority and all things to normal," he added.

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On the current relationship between Jordan and Iran, Fayez said that Jordan is against any regional state that interferes in the affairs of Arab countries, and Jordan's position is identical to the positions of other Arab countries.

"We expect Iran to have a positive role in the region to reconsider its relations."

He explained that Jordan is facing economic problems because of the regional situation, which greatly affected the Jordanian economy.

With regard to the future of Jordan and where it is heading, Al-Fayez said that it is heading for the better.

He added that the Hashemite rule is strong, as is the power of His Majesty, his institutions, and the loyal people, stressing that the Jordanian people have always been supportive of the King despite all the voices of discord.