Defense commission formally authorizes representation for five defendants in 'sedition case'


Published: 2021-04-20 20:54

Last Updated: 2024-06-20 18:15

Defense commission formally authorizes representation for five defendants in 'sedition case'
Defense commission formally authorizes representation for five defendants in 'sedition case'

The defense commission's media spokesman, lawyer Muhammad Al-Majali, said Tuesday that a number of the team's lawyers met five of the eight detainees accused in the 'sedition case.'

Majali added the five detainees have signed power of attorneys in order to have their case defended and plead for before the State Security Court (SSC).  

The defense commission was formed to defend those accused in the case.

Monday, Majali said in a statement to Roya that the team, which was formed and authorized by the families of eight of those arrested, would not be able to meet with them until they have officially signed for power of attorney.

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In more exclusive statements to Roya, Majali said that one of the detainees was infected with the coronavirus and was transferred to the hospital to receive treatment, noting that his health condition is good.

Majali indicated that a lawyer visited him in the hospital and was able to take his signature for power of attorney to proceed with the established procedures within the case.

Majali pointed out that the commission was unable to meet three of the detainees for reasons that will be disclosed in a statement later today.

He stressed that the health conditions of all detainees are good.

Notably, lawyer Alaa Mamoun Al-Khasawneh, in previous statements Monday, revealed his official power of attorney to defend Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, who was arrested in connection with the case.

According to Al-Khasawneh, he was able to meet his client and take his signature for power of attorney in person, indicating that his client is in good health.

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Additionally, the former head of the SSC, Lawyer Muhammad al-Afif, said the former chief of the Royal Hashemite Court (RHC) Bassem Awadallah agreed to his request to defend him in court.

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On April 3, authorities announced the arrest of Awadallah, Sharif bin Zaid and others, on the grounds of undermining the security and stability of Jordan.

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Last week, the SSC Public Prosecutor initiated an investigation with the detainees pending the case, and on Tuesday the prosecutor announced that investigations have been completed, noting that results of the investigation for those involved "constituted a clear threat to the security and stability of the Kingdom."

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