400 workers vaccinated in Al-Hassan Industrial Estate


Published: 2021-04-12 16:52

Last Updated: 2021-05-06 00:55

400 workers vaccinated in Al-Hassan Industrial Estate
400 workers vaccinated in Al-Hassan Industrial Estate

Monday, the vaccination center in Al-Hassan Industrial Estate, Irbid began giving workers in the estate coronavirus vaccines.

The Chairman of the Board of the Irbid Chamber of Industry, Hani Abu Hassan, praised the role of the various stakeholders, especially the ministries of industry, commerce, health, the Center for Crisis Management and administrative governance in Irbid, for responding to the industrial sector's need for a vaccine center in Al-Hassan Industrial Estate.

He said that the procedures for taking the vaccine at the center are easy for all workers, calling on the industrial sector to fully cooperate in registering its workers on the official vaccine platform, which will speed up the process of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and maintain the permanence of industrial production inside factories.

The director of Al-Hassan Industrial City, Hani Al-Thiabat, in turn, said that nearly 400 people have been vaccinated, pointing to the cooperation of various factory departments to ensure that their workers are vaccinated.

He added that the opening of the center and its launch within Al-Hassan Industrial Estate, which includes nearly 23,000 jobs, comes to relieve the approved centers in several regions of the Kingdom.