White House sends team to US-Mexico border amid political scrutiny


Published: 2021-03-25 11:57

Last Updated: 2021-04-17 15:11

Source: The Boston Globe
Source: The Boston Globe

A team from the White House, accompanied by lawmakers from Congress, arrived to the US-Mexico border Wednesday, where the increased flow of immigrants is causing a political crisis that President Joe Biden is trying to contain.

The delegation vistited a care facility in Carrizo Springs in Texas, where thousands of undocumented minors are held. 

The White House said, "The Biden administration is committed to transparency," noting that the various ministries in charge of managing the crisis will work to facilitate the arrival of journalists to work on the ground.

In an opinion piece published in the Washington Post, photographer John Moore, who published a book on the US-Mexican borders, expressed his anger that his country had shifted from a "zero tolerance" policy under former President Donald Trump to a "no access" policy under Biden.

He wrote, "The current administration took office with a pledge to make US immigration policy more humane and transparent. But it is failing to fulfill its obligations in its last goal, which makes it difficult to judge its performance in the first goal: We journalists do not have a way to verify how conditions have improved for immigrants."