Countries continue offering incentives for those vaccinated against COVID-19


Published: 2021-03-24 19:05

Last Updated: 2023-09-28 07:23

Countries continue offering incentives for those vaccinated against COVID-19
Countries continue offering incentives for those vaccinated against COVID-19

As countries continue the race to get their populations inoculated against the coronavirus, businesses appear to be offering a growing variety of perks and incentives for getting their COVID-19 jabs to further encourage more vaccinations.

Bahrain introduced several incentives to encourage citizen and resident vaccinations, including 'Formula One' tickets to the season opener for all those who have been vaccinated, or have recovered from the virus.

Additionally, Bahrain's 'Al-Salam Bank' also decided to waive loan fees for those vaccinated against the coronavirus, in the latest regional initiative aimed at vacciation encouragement.

The UAE's 'Uber' began to offer discounted rides to those travelling to and from vaccination centers. Additionally, Dubai's transport service 'Hala', is currently offering residents a free ride home after vaccinations.

Also in the UAE, the 'Emirates Driving Institute' is offering discounts on driving courses.

Resorts such as the 'Bab Al Shams Desert Resort' is offering 25 percent off stays for those who can prove they have been fully inoculated. Additionally, restaurants are offering free food for those of have been jabbed, including 'Cafe Ristretto', which offers black coffee free-of-charge.

Beijing provides discount coupons for several shopping districts if they have received the vaccine. The Daxing district began passing out coupons Wednesday to those who have received both vaccine doses.

Across the pond in the US, the doughnut chain 'Krispy Kreme' announced Monday that it will be giving out free doughnuts to individuals who have been vaccinated using jabs that are US government approved.

Several US companies such as 'Instacart', 'Target', 'Trader Joe’s', 'Chobani', 'McDonald’s' and 'Dollar General' are among a growing list of employers who are offering time off and extra money to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Additionally, US company 'Kroger' is awarding its employees $100 in store credit for taking the vaccine, while 'Publix' is offering employees a $125 gift card.