Head of ACC: 'We lost everything'


Published: 2021-03-17 21:49

Last Updated: 2021-05-07 17:14

Head of ACC: 'We lost everything'
Head of ACC: 'We lost everything'

The head of the Amman Chamber of Commerce, Khalil al-Hajj Tawfiq, demanded that everyone who leaked news of the imposition of a comprehensive lockdown be held accountable. 

He said the leak confused citizens and merchants.

Hajj Tawfiq confirmed that the comprehensive shutdown on Friday had not proven effective, citing the rate of cases in the past few weeks.

He said, "How do I trust decisions and who makes them?"

He demanded the abolition of the comprehensive shutdown on Friday, and the shortening of curfew hours.

He added that the private sector, a year after the pandemic, could no longer bear government decisions, and said, "We lost everything."

Haj Tawfiq explained that the private sector suggested a home delivery service for supermarkets, bakeries, vegetables and water, similar to the rest of the sectors authorized to provide delivery service.

He wished the Prime Minister and the Designated Minister of Health, Minister of Interior, Mazen Al-Faraya, to control the pace of the statements and leaks.