Overcrowding witnessed in Princess Basma Hospital outpatient clinics


Published: 2021-03-07 15:30

Last Updated: 2021-04-11 15:13

Overcrowding witnessed in Princess Basma Hospital outpatient clinics
Overcrowding witnessed in Princess Basma Hospital outpatient clinics

Over the past few days, the Princess Basma Hospital, Irbid witnessed severe overcrowding and congestion in the outpatient clinics. According to the Director of Clinics at the hospital, Faisal Al-Makahleh, the overcrowding is a major obstacle in the application of the public safety rules set by the Ministry of Health in order to tackle the coronavirus.

Makahleh told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) Sunday that the current situation of the clinics could constitute a focus for the spread of the coronavirus, indicating that more than 2,500 people visit these clinics daily, in addition to their companions.

He added that the clinics also suffer from the unavailability of more than 50 types of treatments for chronic diseases, and the lack of alternative treatments. These clinics are short of staff, he said.

For his part, the Director of the hospital, Mohammed Bani Yassin, indicated that a number of measures have been implemented with the aim of finding possible solutions to reduce overcrowding, by increasing the working hours of clinics and pharmacies and allocating specific times to dispense treatments for chronic diseases. 

He indicated that the existence of a shortage of chronic disease treatments is linked to the timing of supply bids, calling for the addition of new floors to relieve the pressure on clinics.

In turn, the Director of the Irbid Governorate Health Directorate, Riyadh Al-Shayab, suggested that treatments for chronic diseases be spread out for two full months in all hospitals and health centers operating in the field in a phased manner after sufficient provision.

The Governor of Irbid, Radwan Al-Atoum said during his visit to the clinics, that he would address the concerned authorities through the Minister of Interior of the need to find acceptable solutions to the difficult situation in the Princess Basma Hospital clinics.

Citizens of chronic diseases confirmed that they visited the clinics more than once, even in the evening hours, but their treatments were not available and there was no alternative for them.