In crisis, Lebanese seamstresses stitch body bags


Published: 2021-02-19 19:48

Last Updated: 2021-02-28 13:28

Source: World Today News
Source: World Today News

In crisis-hit Lebanon, seamstresses in Saida are using their craft to help the country in an unconventional way- by stitching body bags for coronavirus victims. 

"Previously, we used to make festive clothes, uniforms for schools," says seamstress Um Omar. 

"It used to bring joy to our hearts."

But then the country's economic crisis- and a global pandemic- hit. 

"Cases are still rising and the demand is greater, so we had to switch [the nature of the work]," she says. 

In Lebanon, over 4,000 have died of the virus that has overwhelmed medical infrastructure. 

A crippling economic crisis has also sent millions into poverty and unemployment after the local currency devalued over 85 percent. 

While the stitching of body bags is providing Um Omar's shop work, that doesn't make her thankful for the pandemic. 

"We wish for coronavirus to disappear and for people to live well and take more care of themselves so we don't have to keep doing this type of work."