Grand Criminal Court receives 'Jordan University woman' case file


Published: 2021-01-25 13:05

Last Updated: 2021-03-01 12:54

Grand Criminal Court receives 'Jordan University woman' case file
Grand Criminal Court receives 'Jordan University woman' case file

Monday, the public prosecution of the Grand Criminal Court received the case file of the 'Jordan University Hospital woman,' which was referred by the public prosecutor in North Amman who has jurisdiction over the case.

In December 2020, a young woman was brutally beaten by her brothers using a gas pipe. She was left chained in a bathroom unconscious for about 24 hours before being taken to the hospital. She suffered brain and lung hemorrhages and is being monitored closely at Jordan University Hospital, sources told Roya Sunday.

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The public prosecutor will initiate the investigation with the brothers of the victim, who were arrested in connection with the case, and several witnesses and evidence will be presented.

The Public Prosecutor of North Amman, Judge Akef Tuwaiqat, arrested the brothers for 15 days Friday on charges of attempted joint murder.

Notably, the case, which was examined by the East Amman prosecutor who charged her brothers of suspected misdemeanor abuse and referred the case to the East Amman Court, released the brothers on bail.

The case was re-assessed by the public prosecution office after discovering false evidence and testimonies. The victim's family initially tried to mislead investigators by claiming that she fell in the bathroom.

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