Gold prices rise in Jordan


Published: 2021-01-21 14:27

Last Updated: 2021-10-15 07:03

Gold prices rise in Jordan
Gold prices rise in Jordan

Thursday, the Jordan Jewelers Syndicate (JJS) announced that the price of gold in the local market has reached JD 38 for 21 carats, with the purchase price for goldsmiths rose to JD 36.50.

24-carat gold reached selling prices of JD 45.10 while 18-carat gold reached JD 33.90.

The Rashadi lira weighing seven grams amounted to JD 264, while the price of the English lira weighing eight grams amounted to JD 306, amid a weak demand in the local market.

The price of gold in the global market rose to $1,875 per ounce, driven by the arrival of President Joe Biden's administration to the White House. It is expected that the prices will continue rising in the coming days in the global market.