Farmers demand installation of solar energy system in Ma'an


Published: 2021-01-16 14:47

Last Updated: 2021-10-16 13:30

Farmers demand installation of solar energy system in Ma'an
Farmers demand installation of solar energy system in Ma'an

Saturday, farmers in the Al-Shamieh region of Ma'an demanded the installation of a solar energy panelling system to support farmers and boost their production amid high water irrigation costs. 

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the soil through various systems of tubes, pumps, and sprays. Irrigation is usually used in areas where rainfall is irregular or when dry times or drought is expected. There are many types of irrigation systems, in which water is supplied to the entire field uniformly.

The farmers indicated that about 100 farms and orchards are located within the Shamieh Valley, which depend on the water of the artesian well in the same area. They said that the selling prices of water have recently increased due to the high operating costs, suggesting that a solar energy paneling system would serve the well and reduce the operating costs.

Additionally, they demanded the improvement of the internal agricultural roads in that region, including improving their lighting, and supporting and strengthening agricultural services, especially since these farms support dozens of families and contribute to heightening their standard of living.

The director of Ma'an Agriculture Ahmed Al Khattab said that the directorate provides agricultural services to all farmers in the governorate, including those in the Shamieh region, stressing that the directorate periodically provides agricultural extension services, such as plowing, spraying campaigns and plant production services.

The Head of the Financial and Development Committee, a member of the Ma'an Governorate Council, Wasfi Salah, said that an amount of JD 10,000 has been allocated for 2021 to establish a solar energy project for the Shamieh well, which will contribute to reducing the prices of water irrigation, stressing that a water reservoir and water pumps have been established in the Basateen Al-Shamiyeh area at a cost of JD 25,000, at the expense of the governorate's budget during 2019.